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Joan and I feel blessed to have found the property that is now Cottage Beside the Point.  This is the second house to sit on the grounds.  The first house was a two hundred year old farmhouse that we fell in love with 14 years ago.  There is a story behind that of course, but I will just share that an intention to restore and expand the house was not to be and we found ourselves having to decide to sell the land or rebuild.  With lots of prayers (offered up to any god or goddess, and/or universal power that would listen) and help from retirement plans and a loving father, we managed to build the home you now see.  That’s the blessed part. 

With that sentiment, we welcome every guest and are overjoyed when they feel what we do when occupying the grounds and the space

Our idea is to create an online community of visitors to Cottage Beside the Point.  I have noticed through my correspondence that our guests come from so many different places, with different background and professions.  The common thread of our typically satisfied guests is that they resonate with the peaceful energy, relaxation and calm they feel when they come here.

Those of you that have been to online communities know they have different goals and objectives but mostly they bring people together that have one or several common interest.

The goal of this informal online community is to open the doors and see what happens.  I will create several headings and begin to list what you send me. 

Sharing Your Passion

If you are a rock star, graphic artist, computer geek or amateur jewelry maker and want to tell us more, share your product information etc, here’s a good place.  If you are a therapist, psychic, or yoga teacher…let us hear all about your work. Tell us what you do, what you care passionately about and what keeps you doing it.   I don’t think of this as advertising…but it could be called that, more like getting out the word and letting the universe do the rest. 

If you have been a guest at Cottage Beside the Point or will be one and you want to be listed in this section, send me your information and I will post it. 

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